​After winning the first prize award from the young blood designer competition “The Designer Season 2” in 2012, Kanapot Aunsorn has shown great potential and fabulous ideas of a modern designer reflected in the thesis collection of “An Opium League”. By successfully improving the camouflage technique of woven Mudmee silk, the memorable portfolio of work was introduced; such as a ruffled denim military jacket with beads embroidered along the seams, pleated chiffon pants made of various printed designs stretching over 12 meters in length, and a colorful opium patterned loose fitting coat in a patchwork style which have significantly drawn attention to both Thai and international fashion industries.

Born and raised in military environment in the southern part of Thailand, Kanapot Aunsorn used to observe his father spending time neatly putting on an army uniform, layered clothing and insignias on a shirt along with boots before carrying out his duty on a daily basis.  Those memories deeply embedded in Kanapot’s childhood. No wonder why his creation always catches the sense of military in every single collection.
In addition, his mother also has influenced on his design idea including 80’s silhouette, pencil skirt, swaying pleated skirt, high waisted flare pants and different styles of scarves. Without a doubt, these examples apparently led to today’s modern fashion.
Kanapot Aunsorn obtained a bachelor degree from the one of the best-known schools of fashion in Thailand, Srinakharinwirot University (SWU). Bythe collection of the year, his most favorite course was Fashion Textile: Print as he always crafted stylish pattern repeats to compete against his colleagues. Back in college days, Kanapot also participated in several of Young Blood Designer contests which made him fairly well-known among the fashion circle.
After graduation, he soon started a small business through online market. At the beginning, he managed all work on his own such as information giving, customer service, email answering together with packaging. The best-selling from his collection would be Milit Jacket which stuns all fashionista worldwide.
Believing that there are no boundaries in fashion world, he contributes after working time to chat and have a great conversation with bloggers and customers from global network who are obsessed with the collection. This made Kanapot become a household name in online fashion world through and other media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Kanapot Aunsorn is a contemporary Designer passionate about street couture style. With his distinctive and spicy creations, he builds bridges across couture and sportswear. Through his collections, he pays tribute to “Hand-made” work, the art in which he is particularly fond of. It is Kanapot Aunsorn’sinsight, sharpness and inspiration that together weaved the incredible sense of craftsmanship that makes his creations unforgettable.